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Thesis Statement: The state of Pennsylvania should adopt a new program which would require every driver to retest on the driving permit to continue their privileges every five years or charge a $500 fine for each at-fault accident because according to the PA DOT, in 2015 traffic fatalities increased 8% from 2014 (2015). The adoption of a program such as this could reduce the number of incidences due to improper merging, the non-use of the right of way, speeding, drinking, and driving, driving without a license and keep people off the road that don’t know the rules. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS/HLDI). (2016, February). Fatality Facts. Retrieved from As much as this is one of my secondary sources the information contained in these reports within this website, gives more credibility to…show more content…
The rules of the road are all based on what is learned for the driver’s permit, once you master this material, and you passed the test, the next step is driving a vehicle on the road. Each person on the road should be licensed to drive the vehicle they have in their possession; however, the things we experience on the road proves otherwise. So each person needs to be held accountable for mishaps that occur due to recklessness, blatant disregard for other people on the road and road rage. Besides the high-risk situations that are likely to happen on the road like following too close, not signaling your intentions, driving in the other vehicles blind spot, or driving too fast under hazardous road conditions (PA DOT, 2016, p. 2). There are penalties for not following the rules in the form of a fine or suspension of your driving privileges. Now you see how this source cohesively supports my thesis statement, the main reason it is a primary

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