Short Essay: Life Likens Road Travel

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Life likens Road Travel

Roads play a vital role in our life among the land, air and sea routes. To be more precise, without them, the access to other types is impossible excepting in the case of Helicopter use. Roads are the arteries that help in human mobility even without any need for vehicles: simple walking makes this possible. With the advent of engineering and technology, road transport through bus, car, trucks and bikes has grown by leaps and bounds. The travel by road remains essential and indispensable nowadays. In fact, roads are symbols of modern culture. There are many things in common between the road travel and human life. The most familiar analogies are described below as five parts of routine life.

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Cherish the value of love and affection with decorations and celebrations. Regularly service the vehicles and embellish with new upholstery and jewels. RHelp others needing support for life. Render assistance by 1) reaching the people suffering from accidents to the hospital/residence and provide food 2) arranging for mechanic to repair the vehicle or rectify the punctured tyres and 3) taking diversion even if it involves circuitous route, when a blockade is met. When there is a break down in the human system due to wear and tear, repairing the parts like teeth, kidney, hair, skin, bones joint is a must. However, If any organ is irreparable or dead, we require replacement or new one. The same principle is adopted for a vehicle also. In case of frequent failures, dispose of the old vehicle and buy a new and good one. People get divorce when the relationship develops mistrust and loss of faith. Of course, for sentimental and vintage reasons, old vehicle is retained. In societies that boast of culture and heritage the individuals appreciate the value of marriage and hence, don 't allow to break.

Insurance: Protection against any damages and losses is done by taking an insurance cover. This can be for risks of death, health and properties. An insurance provides for monetary relief when a person grieves from a loss. Vehicle insurance is essential to overcome the risks of accident,

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