Road Not Taken Argument

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There are endless amounts of sources about “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. The type of source varies as well. Some are scholarly, some are popular, and some are references that can be found in modern pop culture. Nathan Cervo’s opinion on “The Road Not Taken” has to do with Frost’s word choice. William George argues that there are different time frames within the poem. The speaker changes age as the poem goes on. Popular sources argue about what the actually meaning behind the poem is and suggest that most people misinterpret it. Pop culture makes references to writing although it is often never caught by the person listening or watching. In “Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’” by Nathan Cervo, an argument for a word change is made. Cervo’s strong use of adjectives play a large role in the tone of his writing. He seems as if he is giving a strongly held opinion like he was talking to someone else. He uses words such as “tragic” and “insane” to describe the information he is writing about. Despite Cervo’s strong use of adjectives, he still wrote very academically. His use of large words cause anyone who reads the essay to check twice at the sentence they read.…show more content…
George interpretation of the poem shows a middle aged speaker thinking about his younger life and looking ahead to his older life. Unlike Cervo’s essay, George seems to be trying to prove his claim more than criticize the poem. George does not use strong adjectives like Cervo did. There is very strong vocabulary in the essay. Readers would have to read sentences a few times to fully comprehend the information. George’s essay would be helpful for students that have been assigned to analyze Frost’s poem or just to those that do not have deep understanding of the poem. It was probably written only for academic
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