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As a reference to above table we can see that the road accidents are increasing day by day in most of the states. Even after implementation of government policies the effect seems to be very minimal so by this we can say that different measures taken to prevent road accidents are just controlling the accident rate but ineffective in minimizing the number of accidents. Government is not solely responsible for avoiding road accidents but it is also a duty of all the pedestrians and drivers to follow the rules and avoid accidents. Causes of collisions The majority of road crashes are caused by human error. Research has shown that driver error accounts for over 80% of all fatal and injury crashes on roads The main causes of death and injury…show more content…
Enforcement by (a) adopting reasonable and enforceable traffic laws which, at the same time, are best designed to prevent accidents; (b) concentrating the time and energy of traffic officers on the offences, locations, and times that feature frequently in accidents; and (c) thoroughly testing new drivers to ensure they will not be liable to cause accidents. 3. Engineering of vehicles and roads: Vehicle engineering, comprising (a) regular inspection for a “warrant of fitness” to ensure that the main components of the vehicle are safe; (b) improving the design of the vehicle to give ease of vision and control to the driver and so reduce the likelihood of injury in an accident; (c) fitting safety equipment, such as seat belts. Road or traffic engineering comprises (a) the design of new roads which are inherently safe (separating opposing traffic flows, eliminating cross traffic, and providing wide shoulders and traffic lanes and good visibility); (b) Improving existing roads by realignment, improving vision, and resurfacing slippery surfaces; (c) Regulating traffic movement by installing traffic signals, traffic islands, road markings, and regulatory signs such as “stop” and “give way” signs; and (d) assisting the driver with warning and destination signs to avoid danger and

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