Road Rage

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Road rage first became a problem in the 1980s, which was when the term was first used. Road rage is defined as intentionally participating in risky driving behaviors that are known to increase the risk of a crash happening. Previous definitions of road rage did not include intent. Two forms of rage has been identified: mild and severe. Mild forms of road rage include obscene gestures and name calling. Severe forms of road rage include threats, physical, confrontation, and murder. Aggressive drivers are compromising the safety of public transportation. Certain conditions, such as rush hour traffic or construction, can exacerbate road rage in people who misdirect their anger at others. Drivers of all ages and gender commit road rage. Studies…show more content…
The most common ones was that the studies was self-reported, restricted sample size, and some exceptional evidence that road rage is a serious new emerging problem that needs to be investigated. In the future, to control for these limitations and to further this subject investigation more there should be some changes from the previous studies. A larger sample size with more diversity will be needed, this could be achieved by posting about the study all over time and offering the participants to be entered into a visa gift card drawing. The questionnaire should be given in person, because over the phone or mail interviews can be done by anyone in the household corrupting the data. The focus of this proposed study should be in the mild and severe forms of road rage. The focus questions of this future study are: Why males typically score higher than females, are drugs the reason, can being sleep deprived lead to aggressions or less attention span that leads to road rage? A set of questions should measure the amount of frustration one feels while in construction or heavy traffic. Unlike Butters, Mann, & Smart (2006), A multiple drug item scale would be used in order to produce more accurate results. Some of the scales in the previous literature can be used, like the 12 item general health questionnaire (Goldberg 1978), the 17 item comparing measure scale (James and Nahl, 2000), and the Locus of Control (Rotter 1966). Road rage is a serious , potentially dangerous new phenomenon that deserves new research to save future

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