Essay On Road Signs

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Automatic RSR (Road Sign Recognition) is becoming a part of driver assisting system whose role is to increase drivers comfort and provide safety. Road signs are visual boards situated on the sides of a road. Drivers can process them easily and they know what to expect on the road ahead. Following road signs play a major role while driving on road. An effective driver must notice each of the road sign and act accordingly. Failing to do so due to lack of care or human error may cause disasters. This project is to help prevent such disasters that occur from human errors. Therefore, an automatic driving system by recognizing road signs is developed where, a camera mounted on the vehicle detects road signs and processes them using Hough Transform. This processed road sign is…show more content…
The signs are painted with radium paint so that they shine in the dark when the light is focused on them. This helps to identify the symbols easily, but the camera cannot read the sign if the road signs reflect the light. Hence, the red paint must be an antiglare paint. Its functionality should be tested thoroughly in all weather conditions, as researched by A. Hechri and A. Mtibaa [6]. The road signs are 1.6 meters high for clear visibility. The maximum number of signs a board can have are three. The most important signs are usually placed at the bottom. The road signs are the same in all over the world except a few locations because of the differing languages and weather conditions as stated by H. Fleyeh [4] and N. Hoose [7]. The road signs come in various shapes such as triangles, circles, octagons and rectangles. The colors are regulated on road signs according to the sign category. The information on the sign and the road signs are often in different colors. The tint on the paint is usually of a specific wavelength in the visible spectrum as researched by H. Fleyeh
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