The Road Trip-Personal Narrative

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The Road Trip

Toby shoved the last bite of toast, dripping with red jelly into his mouth then leaned back in his chair. Breakfast had been a makeshift meal consisting of whatever you wanted to fix. He had a large bowl of sugar coated corn flakes, toast with lots of jelly and a glass of milk. His dad, mom and sister Heather were all busy scurrying around the house getting ready for a road trip to New Orleans. His sister’s “Cheer” team was in a final competition there and his folks had volunteered to take Heather and two of her friends to the meet. Toby had requested to stay hone and tend to the house and yard while they were gone. There was no way he wanted to be the only guy there among a bunch os screaming girls.

He heard his
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He was sure he had heard his friend Rain calling him. There was no one in the living room so he slowly walked into the kitchen. There was no one there either. He shook his head, walked over to the refrigerator and got a can of cold soda, snapped the tab and took a big swallow. “Guess I was just dreaming” he said out loud. He looked out the back door. The sun was shining bright and there were only a few white fluffy clouds in the sky that reminded him of giant balls of cotton floating around. He could see the sun reflecting off the pond in the park and decided to walk down to it. Maybe he would run into Allen or some of his other friends there. He locked the front door then the back and placed the key in his own special hiding place. He promised his parents to never leave the house unlocked when no one was there. He started down the pathway to the park and the pond where he liked to hang out and sometimes skip rocks on its smooth surface. He got to the edge of the pond and watched as some gold colored fish swam lazily about. On the other side of the pond there was a man playing with a black dog. He would toss a stick and the dog would

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