Roadrunner Research Paper

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A Legendary and Influential Vehicle In the bright lights of the showroom the 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner rolls out onto the elevated platform and roars, while the crowd oohs and aahs at it’s glory. The Roadrunner was known for being tough, durable, and the famous “beep beep” as the horn from the Wile E. and the Road Runner cartoon. Even though this car was known for being based off of a cartoon, it had an intricate engine and some riveting facts, an interesting design, and a certain amount of horsepower that some people can’t catch up to when it was out on the streets. To begin with, the Roadrunner had a very powerful engine filled with gadgets and other appliances that can make it go faster and faster. For example, “The standard engine was exclusive to the Road Runner and was 383 ci (cubic inches) V8 rated at 335 hp (horsepower) and 425lb-ft of torque” ( In addition, “The company also sold a little more than 1,000 of the vehicles with a special Hemi engine, which cost an additional $715” ( Because of its engine and the upgrades you could apply to the Roadrunner, it was able to hit high speeds in a short amount of time. However, “The only thing it didn’t have was aerodynamics”( Also, “The 1968 Plymouth Road Runner was just such a muscle car” ( This is stating that this car was all American muscle, but, the Roadrunner needed a spoiler so that…show more content…
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