Roald Amundsen's Life And Achievements

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Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer of the polar regions. He was famous for his Antarctic expedition during 1910 which is the first to reach the South Pole. He was also the leader of first expedition for air expedition to the North Pole. He was, undoubtedly, the first person to each both North and South Poles. Born in 1872 near Oslo, Norway. In a little town named Borge, between the towns of Frederiksted and Sarpsborg. Roald Amundsen became one of the most successful polar explorer ever existed. Born into a family of norwegian shipowners and captains, his parents encouraged him to became a doctor, and study medicine, avoiding family’s maritime trade. He studied medicine and kept his promise until his mother died, at the age of 21. He quit university to discover the life of the Sea. He had a hidden long desire of exploration,…show more content…
Planning to explore the Arctic, finding it difficult to raise funds and was informed that Americans’ explorers, Frederick Cook and Robert Peary claimed to each the North Pole, he aimed his target south. Leaving Oslo on June 3, 1910 and bounding for South Pole, he reached the eastern edge of Antarctica, Ross Ice Shelf (known as “The Great Ice Barrier” in the past) nearly six month later. Establishing a base camp there, he used skis and dog sleds as transportation and creating supply depots during his journey to South Pole. The first attempt ended in failure because of harsh winter conditions and his team member ending up in quarrel against each other. In his second attempt, he took 4 members and left the camp, consisting of 4 sled and 52 dogs. Using dog as a source of fresh meat, the team arrived the Pole with 16 dogs in December 14, 1911, a week before Scott’s group. The team arrived at their base camp on January 25, 1912 with 11 surviving dogs. He left Antarctica and departed toward Australia to publicly announced his successful expedition of the Pole to the entire

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