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Have you heard of Roald Dahl? Dahl is an English writer best known for his poems and children’s stories. He has written poems like Hey Diddle Diddle, Candyman, and Mary Mary, Quite Contrary. His early life was depressing and full of the loss of loved ones, but took on many careers later on, and started to devote himself to writing in his later years. The life, career, and poetry of Roald Dahl was remarkable for its time, and is still influential to this day. Dahl’s Life was a plentiful, sad, and long experience. Dahl was born near Cardiff, Wales (Seidel, 5). His childhood was saddened by the loss of loved ones. In Wendy Cooling’s book, D is for Dahl, she states that Dahl’s sister died of appendicitis when she was seven and Dahl was three (4). This changed Dahl’s life, but a later tragedy had a greater impact. Dahl’s father died when he was four years old (Seidel, 5). These losses changed the way he wrote poems later on. After Dahl graduated from school, he moved to Africa and was drafted into the army during WWII. In September of 1940, Dahl received…show more content…
Dahl’s father’s death influenced his writing, since a number of his books deal with the loss of parents (Seidel, 5) He wrote two autobiographies as children’s books, Boy (1984), and Going Solo (1986) (Seidel, 5). Other children’s books he wrote include James and the Giant Peach, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The BFG (Seidel, 5) Dahl wrote many poems alongside his books, too. One of his poems is Candyman. Candyman a figurative poem that represents the spreading of love around the world through a figurative character’s creation. This is represented in the line: “The Candyman can ‘cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good” (Dahl, 1). This shows that Dahl wanted people to know their always loved by someone since love is spread every day. His poems are loved by many, and, especially Candyman, are recognized all over the
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