Roamer Redbot Research Paper

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A young boy is strolling in one of America 's beautiful national parks. He stops to take in the breathtaking scenery, but little did he know, the next thing he would see would be a hospital curtain. This is because later on he tripped on a sharp piece of rusty metal and cut his leg open, and the only reason this little boy still has his leg is because of a little Roamer Redbot, or robot, that was next to him. This boy used the emergency walkie-talkie in the robot to contact 911. That Roamer was a creation of young minds in the nation. The Roamer is a park robot that will roam around the national park trails with their renters. Those Redbots are built just for America 's national parks. Additionally, the robots contain many useful items that may be needed while walking the trails. These Roamer Redbots can save not only convenience, but lives. As a park ranger, the Roamer has many features and services found useful while enjoying the parks. For example, the Roamer has a built in storage for any renter to use while strolling the parks. Devices, purses, wallets, umbrellas, water bottles, and even hats can fit in this storage unit. In addition, the robot has an emergency walkie-talkie, map of the park trails, and bottle holders. They may be used for emergencies or for pleasure and convenience for the valued renter. Equipped, tested, and coded with…show more content…
It features a built in storage, and emergency supplies to renters walking the beautiful park trails. It can save endangered lives and the convenience of those visiting the parks. Although it may have its faults, the Roamer has its advantages to it from political, social, and economic views. While enjoying the parks, the Roamer may be used as a cup holder or an emergency responder for the national park attendants. To finalize, the Roamer is a four wheeled robot that can provide safety and support for those visiting the national
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