Roanoke Island Colony Research Paper

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As a member of the council I agree with Queen Elizabeth I on establishing a new colony on Roanoke Island. There are many reasons why establishing a new colony on Roanoke Island is need. The five main reasons why are; search for gold, trade,religious freedom,new government, and freedom as a whole.All five of these reasons were reason why Queen Elizabeth I and the people wanted to have a new colony on Roanoke Island. Queen Elizabeth I needs Sir walter raleigh to colonize the new colony on roanoke island. On april 27th,184 Sir Walter Raleigh sailed to Roanoke Island to colonize a new colony. When Sir Walter Raleigh was traveling to Roanoke Island he brought with him his men and victuals as well. When Sir Walter Raleigh arrived in the river of…show more content…
Trade is something that is essential to make a colony successful and is also something that can destroy a colony. Trade is seen as an amazing thing and that it provides colonies with the essentials the people need. Also trade has been seen to bring colonies and people together as well. Trade has many good effects but trade has a few bad effects. One bad effect of trade is trading the wring good. When I say trade the wring good I mean trading an item that carries a disease. Trading an item with a diesel contaminated on it and trading this item with another colony can be deadly and could cause an epidemic. If the contaminated item is traded to another colony and the colony trades it with other and people the disease has been passed around. One extreme effect of trading the contaminated item is that the colony you traded to might think that you have tried to poison them and would start a war in…show more content…
The reason I say freedom as a whole is because there are many types of freedom and I want to get my point across on what I mean. Freedom as a whole is the freedom that he people shall be granted when the move to the new colony. Moving to the new colony would be like a clean slate on life.Say that one person wants to move to the new colony to get away from all the propaganda in their colony. If this individual settles in this new colony they will not have to deal with as much propaganda or

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