Roanoke The Lost Colony Analysis

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Joel Leviten November 28, 2015 HIUS 221-D-21 Roanoke: The Lost Colony, directed by Goeckel, Brendan, in Digging for the Truth (A&E Television Networks, 2006), 44:49 mins The Lost Colony of Roanoke were perhaps the some of the bravest men and woman I have read about. The lost colony began their journey in England in the late 15th 16th century. A group of colonist numbering about 165 left the safety of England to journey to the new world of North America. The queen of England granted the leader of this group whose name was Sir Walter Raleigh. The colonist landed on an island that was not very plentiful in food and shelter. After a certain number of days with the colonists running out of food the colonist leader Sir Walter Raleigh decided
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