Roanoke The Lost Colony

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Have you ever wondered how Roanoke became the Lost Colony? The Lost Colony has been a mystery for many years and the mystery still hasn’t been solved but there are some theories. On March 25, 1584, Queen Elizabeth gave Sir Walter Raleigh a charter for a colonization for North America. Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth hoped that it would give riches from the New World. On April 27, 1584, Raleigh started an expedition led by Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe to start exploring the east coast of North America. They found Roanoke Island 1585. Two of the local Indians there were the Croatoans and the Secotans. There was two Croatans that returned back to England with Barlowe who described the area. Raleigh then organized a second expedition led by Sir Richard Greenville. While Greenville waited for the ships to come he started relations with the Spanish and built a fort. The Elizabeth came after the fort was built. Greenville eventually got tired of waiting for the other ships and left on June 7. The expedition succeeded and all the rest of them found each other in July. One of the ships called The Red Lion dropped off the passengers and left for Newfoundland.…show more content…
Every ship in England joined in the war which meant John White couldn’t get back to Roanoke at the time. White hired two small vessels to sail to Roanoke but his attempt to return failed when the captains of the ship tried to capture Spanish ships. Instead of them capturing the Spanish they got captured. The continuing war made John White unable to return to Roanoke. After three years he could finally get the supplies to Roanoke. He got to Roanoke on August 18, 1950, which was his granddaughter’s third birthday. When he got there Roanoke was deserted. His men couldn’t find anyone there. There was no sign of struggle or battle but the word “Croatoan” was carved into the fence and there was also the letters “CRO” carved into a
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