Roar Katy Perry Analysis

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Roar Teaches Kids to Stand up for Themselves In the song, ¨Roar¨ by Katy Perry, the singer talks about standing up for herself. The artist is trying to tell us that we shouldn’t let others get to us, and that we are strong enough to fight back against the people who want to tear us down. She is also saying that even if we feel helpless and useless, we aren’t. We have a fighter inside of us and we are powerful. We shouldn’t care what others think of us. We should only care about ourselves and our goals. The song, “Roar,” is about how, if we believe in ourselves and don’t listen to what others say, we are unstoppable, and no one can hurt us. We need to be strong and courageous, and we can’t let others tell us what to do. The lyrics of the song demonstrate the theme of standing up for yourself and not letting what others say get to you through literary devices. First, the artist uses the lyric, “I got the eye of the tiger,” to show that she will focuse on her goals and herself, instead of focusing on what other people think of her (Perry). This is an idiom. She doesn’t actually have the eye of a tiger, she is saying that she is confident and fierce, like a tiger is. Secondly, Katy Perry uses…show more content…
This lyric uses a simile to say that the artist will make sure that the people who are trying to hurt her will hear what she has to say, and that she is going to do something about the way she is treated. She also uses the lyric, “I got the eye of the tiger,” to say that she is no longer concerned with what people think of her. Instead, she is focusing on her own goals and how she feels about herself. Katy Perry’s “Roar,” is an inspirational song for anyone who needs the courage to stand up for themselves and to start believing in
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