Roasting In Hell's Kitchen Analysis

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Intro: General Statement: Link to Text and Author: Arguments: Thesis: As evidenced by Gordon Ramsay’s novel Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen, drive and determination are imperative to being successful. Paragraph 1: Actions Topic Sentence: Throughout his novel, Ramsay presents many actions that are essential to being prosperous. S: While it may be tempting to chase after a large salary at the beginning of a career, Ramsey 's first piece of advice tells one to initially settle for lower compensation in exchange for the opportunity to improve one 's skills. P: One example of Ramsay putting learning ahead of money is when he left Le Gavroche to work in Paris simply for the learning experience. “But believe me, as a Brit in a French kitchen, they weren’t going to pay me proper money. It worked out at about £480 a month…[However,] Paris was wonderful: scurrying round the markets, working in cafés learning how to make lattes and cappuccinos, or turning out a decent salad. Just discovering how to do the simplest things, correctly.” (119) A: In this example, Ramsay took a much lower salary in order to learn how to make simple dishes. This worked out very well for Ramsay since it gave him the basic knowledge which he built upon as he learned more. Transition Statement: As Ramsay progressed in his career, he began to use different actions to ensure his success. S: Chef Ramsay’s second direction is to lend a hand to those in need. P: Over the years, Ramsay has been helpful

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