Roasting In Hell's Kitchen Analysis

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Intro: General Statement: Link to Text and Author: Arguments: Thesis: As evidenced by Gordon Ramsay’s novel Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen, drive and determination are imperative to being successful. Paragraph 1: Actions Topic Sentence: Throughout his novel, Ramsay presents many actions that are essential to being prosperous. S: While it may be tempting to chase after a large salary at the beginning of a career, Ramsey 's first piece of advice tells one to initially settle for lower compensation in exchange for the opportunity to improve one 's skills. P: One example of Ramsay putting learning ahead of money is when he left Le Gavroche to work in Paris simply for the learning experience. “But believe me, as a Brit in a French kitchen, they weren’t going to pay me proper money. It worked out at about £480 a…show more content…
The answer to both questions is ‘no’.” (341) A: By Ramsay having this mindset, he has been able to accumulate and hold on to more awards, such as Michelin stars, than other chefs can dream to have in a lifetime. Transition Statement: S: Another attitude that is crucial to being successful is that not risk to too big. P: During his life, Ramsay has taken many risks especially with where and when to increase his restaurant empire. “Every time I open a new restaurant abroad, the critics fill the newspapers with the same old stuff: that I am spreading myself too thin, that I am merely putting my name to projects that I cannot really control, that this expansion is vanity and money rather than the passion that was behind, say, Aubergine.” (227-228) A: By taking risks that others might not, Ramsay has had many successes as well as failures, for example his restaurant that failed in Glasgow. Transition Statement: S: A third mindset that is pivotal to being is not to work yourself into the
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