Robber Barons Research Paper

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During the late 1800s many well-known business leaders widely arose across the America, such as Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Jay Gould, J.P. Morgan. Some of these tycoons contributed to America, while others were considered robber barons. People who were controlling economy, monopolizing different industries and using of illegal means to gain wealth called robber barons. Despite this, their names can be compared with innovation, big business and the American Dream. They discovered fabulous advances in technology while fighting to unite their industries and rise to the top of the business world. The modern American economy is basically the creation of those four men. They were the real giants of the moment of incredible…show more content…
Few of these people have a legacy etched in history that puts them into the category of influential throughout the whole century. In order to achieve this state of higher value century-impact actions should benefit not only the people living in the present, but also have a positive impact on men and women in the near and distant future. The one who performs this task is to be named the most influential person of the twentieth century. Due to the stand Andrew Carnegie against harsh labor, the expansion of the steel industry, and at a constant generosity of charitable activities, history will record him as the most influential man of the Twentieth century. Carnegie is widely known for his monopolization of the iron and steel industry. He developed many companies to support the steel need in developing the United States. He predicted, that after the Civil War, iron and steel would become an important part of American life. He decided that this would be a good idea to invest in developing the industry, and this decision has paid off enormously. He worked to modernize the United States through the building of bridges, railways and other crucial roads, which in turn, brought the country together. So, by the 1900s, Carnegie produced more steel than all of Great…show more content…
Businessmen took many different directions on the way to become wealthy and rich. Many were just like robber barons and were doing anything they could to make their capital. Typically their ways were not positive, but tyrannical. Some businessmen, like Carnegie, started from the bottom. Carnegie was just a middle class boy. He made his capital by taking opportunities that were given to him. Andrew Carnegie proved more than a few times that he really is the most powerful and influential man of the twentieth century. The progress he made in the steel industry helped shoot up the United States in the Industrial Revolution, and provides the necessary steel for railways and many other steel structures, which are necessary for everyday life then and now. His position against long hours working day, low wages and poor working conditions have opened my eyes to how workers should be treated. His adoption unions have made it easier for other companies to have the guts to unionize. His influence can be felt most strongly his work in charity. Carnegie believed that the owners have to control wealth, not randomly but with great reason. He had donated over three hundred and fifty million dollars to public foundations for education and the arts, before he died (Sterling 52). In today’s market it is little more than five and half million dollars. His favorite type of donation was construction of new libraries that’s why he built more of three thousand
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