Robber Barons Vs Captains Of Industry Essay

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The men who built America are viewed today as either “Robber Barons” or “Captains of Industry”. According to a Robber Baron is “a person who has become rich through ruthless and unscrupulous business practices. A Captain of Industry is “a business leader whose means of accumulating a personal fortune contributed positively to the country in some way.” These men are Robber Barons rather than Captains of Industry because of the unfair ways they got to the top, the cruel ways they treated their workers, and the rivalries they created with each other. The men who built America had a lot of money. It's said that they had enough money to reinvest in themselves and still have money to spare. They were relentless, and would do whatever it took to keep bringing in more cash, including cheating other people out of their money or opportunities. They also signed deals with others in secret, or by going behind someone’s back. In other words, the business leaders couldn’t be trusted. For example, Cornelius Vanderbilt went behind…show more content…
The men wanted to increase the money coming into their own pockets, and the only way they saw fit to do this was to give their workers longer hours with lower income. This proved to be not only unfair, but also dangerous. Carnegie hired Henry Frick to do the work he knew he himself couldn’t. Frick was cold hearted and always looking for the easy way to get extra money, no matter the dangers. Because of Frick, at Carnegie Steel, working conditions got so bad that a man died. Henry Frick created a working environment so dangerous it costed an employee his life. Carnegie’s employees then went on strike. Frick wanted to show them who the boss was. He hired “The Pinkertons” to use their weapons to intimidate the workers, however the men held their ground and it ended in a shooting with seven innocent men

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