Robbers Cave By Saul Mcleods: Article Analysis

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In Saul McLeods, “Robbers Cave” experiment he explains the details behind his study, does conflict between groups cause prejudice attitudes and discriminatory behavior? I agree with McLeosds when he states that it does in fact cause prejudice attitudes and discriminatory behavior. Prejudice is bound to happen in this experiment, each team is going to take each other’s side because they are loyal to them. This goes with most things in society for example. If your best friend is in a fight with someone you are going to take your best friends side and help them out. In the article Saul says that the boys being tested weren’t like a, “gang” and that they were normal well behaved kids but to an extent they actually were similar to a gang. They were like a gang because they all only had each other to depend on as they are going for the prize and they are always going to be prejudice towards anyone who is trying to get in the way of that. There was an argument that claims that the kids didn’t believe the study results were true because they didn’t understand the experiment, which to me doesn’t make sense, because if the…show more content…
People are going to have their opinions and they are going to stick with them also anyone on their side due to the fact that everyone is prejudice in some points of their lives. It would be nice if we weren’t prejudice but we are, the only way to stop prejudice would to stop all competition. We all just need to love and respect each other and put the differences aside, if we can do that then there will be an improvement in prejudice but we still will not be able to abolish prejudice. As we saw in the study the kids were prejudice and doing anything to stop whoever was in their way of getting the prize we can compare this to our own lives and experiences because we see everyday people being prejudice over stupid things, there is no way of avoiding
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