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Chapter VII talks about Glenn Walters’s “Lifestyle Theory”. The lifestyle theory generally explains that criminal behavior is part of the patterns of human life and choice. Criminal behavior is all perceived through their morally, corrupted mind. Chapter X talks about Robert Agnew’s “Super Traits Theory or General Theory”. The super traits theory generally explains five life provinces that is possibly the cause for crime. This theory explains age and gender reasons for criminal behavior. Lifestyle Theory [Theory A] Glenn Walters’s Lifestyle Theory says that criminal behavior is characterized by irresponsibility, impulsiveness, self-indulgence, negative interpersonal relationships, and the willingness to violate society’s rules. Criminal behavior here is all characterized from the personal attitude and choices made from the attitude of the criminal. Biological and environmental conditions are the reasons for the choices made. This Lifestyle…show more content…
Adolescents tend to be more irritable because or hormones and puberty. Immaturity of adolescent behavior ties in with the immaturity of the adolescent brain. Adolescents are undergoing hormonal changes which cause aggression and competitiveness. Comparisons similarities. The Lifestyle Theory and The Super Traits Theory are similar because they both speak on biological behaviors that cause the human being to take actions and become the criminal. The biological behaviors are inherited or adapted from people around them. These biological behaviors cause impulsiveness, irritability, and low-self control. differences. The Lifestyle Theory and The Super Traits Theory differ from each other because the Lifestyle Theory is a psychosocial theory and the Super Traits Theory is a developmental theory. Psychological theories describe behaviors by understanding human thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Developmental theories find qualitative differences in behavior by looking at age and gender.

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