Performance Measurement Analysis

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Performance measurement systems are quantifiable tools used to evaluate the desired goals and objectives of a public organization and private business. Across the board, performance measurement information identifies the efficiency, effectiveness, and progress within groups of individuals based on goals, past events, and behaviors of that organization. Data compiled from these process provide insight and implementing a plan to improving the management, financial status and individual performances for intended groups and organizations. Author Robert Behn describes and breaks down the importance of performance measurement identifying critical components specific to public managers in his published article, Why Measure? Different Purposes Require…show more content…
Once such author, Harry Hatry, produced a list of ten specific performance points design to assist public managers measuring an organization's overall performance. Behn recognizes the value in Hatry’s 10 point system. However, he dismisses how detailed and specifics of each topic and suggest a generalized and simplistic approach to performance measure will yield the same results (Behn, 2003, p. 588). Behn emphasizes performance measuring systems are worthless unless the person(s) interpreting the data understand and possess the knowledge to best utilize and apply the information…show more content…
Flynn also identify’s an additional resource for enhancing performance measurement. “Benchmarking” is described by Flynn to be an accepted pre-established “standard” to be measured against substantiating the performance measurement. Benchmarks can vary and be pre-determined by history, common practice, prior events, research and data analysis. Subsequently, benchmarks are neither a consensus or a legally binding (Flynn, 2009, p. 6). Performance Measures and Benchmarking are a beneficial tool in forecasting how organizations can operate more effectively and efficiently within a multitude of areas, financial budgets, staffing, fire ground operations and best practices for meeting the needs of the community.
Extinguishing fires, providing medical aid, and an assortment of additional services, fire departments provide a unique skill set to their customers specific to customers who call 911. Performance measurement systems are a fundamental tool utilized within the fire service to provide vital feedback to fire service administrators and used to enhance their department's services, reach established goals, and assure the organization is successfully meeting the needs of the community in all
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