Robert Bldra's Attitude To The Vietnam War Summary

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Robert McNamara hope to achieve containment of communism in North Vietnam and have a south Vietnam to be a capitalistic. He believes that the US should keep communism in North Vietnam and prevent communism to spread to North Vietnam neighboring countries. McNamara recommend the following actions he wanted to stabilize US forces in Vietnam which he viewed “…would put us in a position where negations would be more likely to be proactive…”. He also wanted to install a barrier which would run across sea, the neck of south Vietnam and some of the trails in Laos. Stabilize the Rolling Thunder program, Peruse a vigorous pacification program. And finally press for negotiations with both the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese government. Assumption made…show more content…
And that he was performing his civic duty to fight the communist aggression. Baldra attitude towards the war was the US is doing the right thing and we should help the people of Vietnam uplift the communist. His attitude towards the Vietnamese was they want to be help by Americans and that they would be grateful for the Americans for getting rid of the Viet Cong. And save them from terrorism taxation, and pillaging. He also believes that Viet Cong will go to the Chieu Hoi program. This view towards the American public is that the American people do not want to fight in the war because they do not know what they are fighting against and what they are fight for. Implying that Americans do not want to see a free world and only capitalism will allow the free world to take place. When Baldra say “most every guy here realizes that he was wounded doing an important job in south Vietnam”. When he says this, I believe that he is being completely truthful in the statement because the men fighting for the cause in Vietnam believe that they are doing the right thing or must convince themselves that are doing the right thing when he asked them in the hospital. It’s only going to be later when they can not unseen image that they saw or comprehend what they were

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