Robert Cialdini's Six Principles To Influence Customers

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Robert Cialdini’s Six Principles To Influence Customers
Has it ever occurred to you about why some people are better at convincing others of their products, services, and ideas? Because they employ certain tricks or triggers that consciously as well as unconsciously influence people to make the buying decision.
It’s not magic; the secret to getting people to do that you want – in this case to give a positive response to your offer – lies in tapping into emotions and biases that influence the customer’s mind. This article explains six psychological principles that psychology and marketing professor Robert Cialdini, has presented in his book ‘Influence’ – rules that can elicit a favorable customer response. But beware, cognitive biases are double edged swords, it can work for or against your brand as well.
Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion
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The same rule applies both ways; it’s in people’s nature to return the favor they received from us. The gist of the rule is reciprocating one kind act with another.
Picture this – a young lady in a crowded supermarket offering chocolate cookie as sample. Naturally, since chocolate is so irresistible passers-by would try a piece or two, and soon they would feel compelled to add a pack or two to their shopping cart. Well my friend that was Reciprocation Principle in action. Something similar must have happened to you as well, am I not right?
This sort of thing is being effectively used by many online brands and marketers. For example: Websites that sell eyeglasses online offer free frames to customers who purchase from them. Likewise, information or content can also act as an effective gift. Certain online marketing websites use survey or report statistics in their blog posts to make readers reciprocate with a return gesture of subscribing or buying the full report.
Consistency and
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