Robert Clancy's Persuasive Speech Summary

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Detroit’s republican congressman, Robert Clancy, in his persuasive speech, “Un-America Bill”, elaborates on the racism of Quota Act of 1921 additionally, consequently, the patriotic acts of immigrants. Clancy’s purpose is stamping his disdain of the recently formed Act, onto any listener. He molds a nostalgic tone in order to emphasize his feelings to his listeners, that explains the Quota Act of 1921, moreover his opposition of this. Robert Clancy of ‘Un-American Bill’ does a checkered job of convincing the audience by strong pathos, such as when he talks to elderly citizens of Irish as well as German heritage, patchy ethos, he’s a congressman, also sturdy logos, by using his own experience. In his speech to congress Clancy, accordingly, reiterates what he’s heard, as a Detroit…show more content…
Appealing to the sympathetic emotions of his audience, he nevertheless, mentions the numerous and plentiful patriotic acts of immigrants, of which the native-Europeans would not do due to their laborious nature, “they do the hard work that native-born Americans dislike” (3). Speaking out at this time of prejudice in order to to clarify any misconceptions about immigrants, “ as patriotic as native born in offering the supreme sacrifice”. (4) In his speech Clancy, furthermore elaborates on how he relates to the immigrants affected by the Quota Act of 1921, with his first hand experience. Addressing any relating audience members, he pursues them to think of their own family lineage of which definitely has immigrant blood, if they are actual American’s at this time period, “my own family were all hyphenates” (5). Pertaining with his audience in order to drive his point and share his family experience with being non Caucasian and patriotic “My family put 11 men and boys into the Revolutionary war”
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