Darwin's Theory Of Racial Discrimination

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Ideas of white supremacy based on the theories of Robert Knox and Charles Darwin, formed the basis upon which Europeans considered themselves superior to the natives of America, Africa and Australia. After the Europeans colonialized Americas, Australia and Africa, they started persecuting natives under the guise of civilizing them. They started exploiting natural resources, mineral wealth and abundant labor often forced in order to meet demand of the industrialized west.
The history of colonialism in America, Australia, Sub-continent and Africa is riddled with violent conflict, mass scale persecution, outright genocide and racial discrimination. Slavery in America, genocide against Native American tribes, racial segregation and colonialism
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History is something that suffers from survivorship bias i.e. those who overcame their adversaries get to write their version of the events.
Knox theory is based on erroneous empirical evidence whose lack of substance he accepts in his book “The races of man”. Based on detailed autopsy of a single colored person, he casts an entire race as inferior based on the fact that the subject’s mental and physical capacities were of an inferior nature thereby; colored people were subservient to white people.
Another theory that is cited by racists in order to strengthen their argument is Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin’s theory was about the Origin of species. According to his theory there is a natural law in place. The law of natural selection, which presents the idea that there is a natural system by which the strongest and most intelligent specimen of each races survives to produce offspring and so on while the rest die out. White-supremacists hold this theory as the validation of their claims and “moral” justifications for their crimes against a supposedly inferior race. Hence the “strongest and most intelligent” specimen has the right to life as well as being the sole proprietor of mankind’s resources. Hence the rest (colored and black) through the law of natural will die out anyway; it would be a mercy for the white to perform Euthanasia or mercy
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These ideas based on prejudice on part of Europeans ultimately led to the death of thousands of people across the continent through violence, famine and wars. Countless generations of native Africans were enslaved and entire continents were plundered based on the pure malice, greed and prejudice only. Adding insult to the damage, were the ways in which these theories were presented to justify pure brutality under colonialism. Later these very theories were used by Nazi regime to wreak havoc on the Europe itself persecuting Jews, Roma, and other supposedly non-Aryan races. Even to this day such theories are used to justify wars, violence and other crimes against humanity that are based on pure greed, malice and
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