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Most Exalted Master Chief Robert Dean Stethem exemplifies the Navy Core Values. This fallen Genuine Chief from the Seabee Community has served as an inspiration to many. Robert Dean Stethem was born in Waterbury, Connecticut on 17 November 1961. His early years were spent in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Waldorf, Maryland. One of three children, he grew up understanding the importance of family and dedication to his country. Stethem’s father was Retired Senior Chief Richard Stethem and his mother, Patricia, served in the Navy before raising her family.
Stethem entered the Navy, 4 May 1981. He joined the Seabees and attended recruit training in Great Lakes, Illinois. Stethem was assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Sixty-Two. He served multiple tours on Diego Garcia and Guam. His homeport was at Gulfport Mississippi. In October of 1984, he was assigned to Underwater Construction Team One at Little Creek, Virginia. Everyone who met and worked with Stethem as a Steelworker and Diver saw that even at a young age, he displayed a personal and professional ethos, as well
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Members of the Lebanese pro-Iranian organization Hezbollah singled out Stethem because of his military status. He was tortured and ultimately murdered after their demands were not met. Throughout his ordeal Stethem did not yield; instead, he acted with fortitude and courage and helped his fellow passengers endure by his example.
In 1994, the U.S. Navy launched the USS Stethem (DDG-63) named in his honor. USS Stethem (DDG 63) is the thirteenth ship of the Arleigh Burke Class of guided missile destroyers. She was laid down in Pascagoula, Mississippi on 11 May 1993 and launched on 17 June 1994. The USS Stethem was christened on 16 July 1994 by Patricia Stethem, the mother of the ship 's namesake and commissioned on 21 October

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