Robert E Kelley Followership Essay

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Followership is a straightforward notion. It is defined as the ability to take direction well, to get in line behind a program, to be part of a team and to deliver on what is expected of you. Some people hold an undesirable opinion of followership and discounted anything positive that could come from the role. Unit IV examines the importance of followership and utilize Robert E. Kelley’s model for how followership can be understood. Kelley differentiates followers in terms of their behavior and personality attributes and defines the different styles of followership by considering two different behavioral dimensions. Based on these two dimensions, Kelley outlines five basic styles of followers. The majority of people, particularly in organizations, are more often followers than leaders (Kelley, 1988). A leader having knowledge of effective followership can help one’s leadership perspective. A leader should use the model to assess follower effectiveness, and develop individuals into a more effective follower. How well the followers follow is just as important to organizational success as how well the leaders lead. Researchers widely recognize the followership is an emerging concept. The role of follower was not being considered a fundamentally appreciated position, or a role with a specialized set of skills, motivations, the power to enhance organizational potential until recently. Robert E. Kelley model of…show more content…
Unit IV teaches that Leadership is important to performance and followership has everything to do with it. Kelley’s model of followership can be a useful model to observe people 's motivations and work ethic. By detecting follower motivation and work ethics, it helps a leader to open the conversation about work effort and thinking effort. Which in return, can be used to become a more effective follower. Follower development and follower performance are key aspects to reaching organizational
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