Robert E Lee Accomplishments

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He is by far one of the most accomplished , honorable , and maybe the ever in the United States Military. If we had a Mount Rushmore of the most military leaders with pedigree; Lee would be on it. Robert E. Lee was on January 19 , 1807 in Stratford Hall , VA to the parents: Anne Hill Carter Lee and Revolutionary War hero Henry "Light-Horse Harry” Lee. Robert's early life was brutal. Financial hardship caused his father to abandon the family and head to the West Indies. Young Rob secured an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Lee spent all 4 years at West Point and graduated second in his class in 1829. 2 years later he married Mary Anna Randolph Curtis. Yet with all his military pedigree , he wasn't on the battlefield just yet. So this took him to…show more content…
Due to his outstanding resumé as one of the finest officers in the United States Army , Lincoln offered Lee the Command of Federal Forces in 1861. Lee declined and resigned from the army due to his unwillingness to fight against his own people. Virginia had seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy of the US. Lee accepted the rank of General in the Northern Virginia Army. Lee's 1st military Civil War engagement occurred at Cheat Mountain on September 11 , 1961. Lee also was an adviser to President Jefferson Davis. Lee became Gen. when Gen. Joseph Johnston was wounded on the Virginia Peninsula. He renamed his command "The Army of Northern Virginia." Lee lost 2 great monumental battles: Battle of Antietam and Battle of Gettysburg. Following the Gettysburg defeat , Lee informed Davis of a resignation , but Davis vetoed it. Lee knew the Confederacy's days were numbered in the summer of 1864 , he retreated his army. The Confederates were forced into waging trench warfare. President Davis named Lee General-in-Chief of all Confederate forces in February 1865. April 9 1865 Lee was forced to surrender @Appomattox Court House in Northern
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