Robert E Lee Leadership

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General Robert E. Lee was the commander of the Northern Virginian Army during the Civil War. Lee was brilliant at strategies and tactics of war. This brilliance, however, was not isolated. In order for these strategies and tactics of Lee’s to work, Lee had to have great influence and power over his men. Robert E. Lee was one of the greatest and most successful leaders this world will ever know. Lee’s leadership and management skills are what granted most of his success as a leader. To start off, General Lee had a large amount of power over his men. One of Lee’s sources of power is expert power. Lee’s knowledge of battlefield tactics and strategies automatically game him the upper hand. His men trusted what he said because he knew what he was talking about. He gained this expert power not only from studying at West Point but…show more content…
Lee expressed high moral potency. Lee was not afraid to blame himself when things went wrong. He had moral ownership when he lost men or lost battles. He was fully aware of his decisions and learned from them. Another factor of Lee’s moral potency was Lee’s moral courage. Lee wasn’t afraid to stand up and fight even when he knew the odds were against him. Lastly, Lee expressed moral efficacy when Lee had confidence in his tactics and his men to perceiver and win the battle. General Lee was a successful leader because of his leadership and management skills. He utilized all of his available sources of power. Lee was able to influence his men using several influence tactics in order for them to follow him into battle and was able to intrinsically motivate his men. Lastly, Lee had great moral potency when dealing with his decisions. All of these combined factors are the cause behind the success of Lee’s leadership and the reason why General Robert E. Lee is considered one of the greatest leaders of all
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