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Witness/Narrative: Robert E. Lee Hi there, I’m Robert E. Lee. You might know me by reading your history books in school. I was the General of the Northern Virginia army for The Confederates. As you may know the Union won the war and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the story of the Civil War through the Union’s eyes but I think you should see it though mine. Let’s start from the very beginning. I was born January 19, 1807. I was the son to Henry Lee and Ann Hill. The place my mother birthed me in was Westmoreland County Virginia in Stratford. My father died when I was only 11 years old, after which I entered West Point Military School. After West Point Military School I graduated second in my class in cavalry, artillery, and infantry. Afterwards I was appointed to Lieutenant Colonel of the second cavalry then suppressed John Brown’s insurrection. Then not long after I was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the first calvary. I heard the news that Virginia seceded from the…show more content…
We felt the war coming to an end and waited until the Union came. We fought in Richmond and held off as best we could, but in the end, Richmond fell. We retreated from Richmond to a courthouse, where I surrendered to the Union. I got to meet their General, Ulysses S. Grant, who was generous for being my enemy, and after the meeting the war was finally over. After the surrender I returned to my home after a day 's ride, no more wars to think about. It was almost like the war hadn’t happened at all. I worked on my farm and in the house for 2 years—probably the most peaceful 2 years of my life. On February 14 of 1868 I was offered a candidate spot for the Governorship of Virginia. Even though it was generous, I declined. I knew I was getting old and my time was coming. In 1870 I went to Georgia to look for health, but sadly I did not find any that could help. On October 12 of 1870 I rested at home and passed in my

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