Robert E Lee's Decision To Win The Battle Of Gettysburg

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Over three days in July 1863 the union and the Confederacy soldiers fought the battle of Gettysburg. Of all the battles fought on American soil Gettysburg is filled with the most mythology and hyperbole. It has been said the battle of Picketts charge on the first day could have been the deciding factor at Gettysburg. On the Confederate side commander Robert E Lee was very confident and believed they had what it took to win this battle. On the united states side you had commander George Meade who had only been in command for three days before the battle broke out. Win the battle began only one third of the confederate army was near Gettysburg yet Lee immediately took the offensive. This was breaking basic principles of war. Lee made this mistake as a result of…show more content…
The Confederates were inching forward but were paying a bloody price and it would come back to haunt them on day three of the battle. The Union soldiers knew the terrain better and were able to use that to their advantage. One problem that Lee created for himself on the first day is he put up such a big attack on the first day and lost many men so he would have to rely on on some of the same me in the third day. Despite losing many soldiers the Confederates were able to push the union soldiers back into the streets of Gettysburg. Because of having to maneuver their way through the streets of Gettysburg by the time the Confederate had cleared the town they were in no shape to fight. But with the union retreating Lee still thought he was in good shape to win the battle. But he was mistaken because the first day of fighting had cost him too much and he drove the Union forces onto some excellent defensive to rain outside of Gettysburg. With these great positions the union soldiers were able to defend successive confederate attacks. The union 's position had great natural barriers that made it hard for the Confederates to
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