Robert E Lee's Impact On America

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Robert E. Lee’s Impact on United States
Government Official John F. Kelly once said that , “ He was a man that gave up his country to fight for his state .” To me that quote means , that he was willing to fight for what he believed even if it came down to fighting against people in the same country which he lived in . This quote proves that he would fight with all his best capabilities . Robert E. Lee was a important figure in American History , because he was General of the Confederate States during the Civil War , he served as a superintendent of West Point and he was given command of the wounded General Joseph E. Johnston 's embattled army on the Virginia peninsula.
Some people say that he was born on January 19 , 1807 , but others say that he was born in 1806 . They say that , because if you look at his entry in the Encyclopedia Virginia you would figure out that his birth was given as “ ca. 1806 . “ He was born in Stratford Hall , Virginia . His parents were Henry Lee the third and Anne Hill Carter . He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for four years , and he graduated second in his class . One of the reasons why Robert E. Lee impacted America was , because he was the General of the Confederate States during the Civil War . He led the Confederate soldiers into many battles . He had many victories , but he also had a few defeats . His greatest victory during the Civil War was at the Battle of Chancellorsville . Towards the end of
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