Robert E. Luckett Character Analysis

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Throughout his life, Robert E. Luckett was a caring man dedicated to education and children. Reading an article about him in the paper, I learned that he was admired by his students and held great love for his wife of thirty-five years and his children. Admiring Mr. Luckett’s personality, I have observed similar traits in myself. Being a principal for nineteen years, Mr. Luckett had to have persistence, which is a skill I also possess. Two summers ago, I wrote a screenplay for a sitcom based on my best friend Jonathan Puckett. After the finding the phone numbers of all the Writer’s-Guild-of-America-certified television production companies, I called each one hoping for my show to be on the air. Unfortunately, each one told me legal implications prevented my script from being read. I, however, will not let accept defeat and hope to attend a college in California to pursue my dream. Being persistent has also helped me develop into a good leader. I have organized many events at my church such as leading the youth group’s summer bible reading programs. Like Mr. Luckett enjoyed reaching out to…show more content…
My father makes around $40,000 a year after taxes. There are four people our household: my mom, my dad, my brother, and me. Our house will be paid off in thirteen years, and we have some land payments left. Also, my parents helped pay off my sister’s college tuition six years ago, and my brother and I will both attend college. With plans to transfer to a college in California after attending Hinds, I would need a substantial amount of money for a plane ticket as well as living costs. This year, my parents have already been paying $100 a semester for my duel credit classes as well as helping me pay for textbooks. Recently, my family has also had to pay for my nasal surgery. With the scholarship, I hope that my parents and I could work less, so I can focus more on my studies and achieve my life
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