Robert Epstein Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Essay: 1

The author, Robert Epstein, has a background in psychology and behavioral research. He is the author of 15 books and the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today. In this article he ha taken the stance that the Internet can and is being used to manipulate people in their thoughts, feelings, and actions. The author provides research to prove his point that the Internet is causing a change in our society. He talks about how the internet can influence us on how we vote in this upcoming election and how it can be taken and used to “spy” on what we are doing in our day to day life. The rhetorical devices that he has used in his article really help to build credibility and trust among the readers. He uses some of these devices to instill fear of the unknown to gain more interest. The rhetorical devices that he uses the most are Appeal to Fear, Allusion, Appeal to Authority, and Logical Reasoning. These four main devices thrust forward his point in the manipulation that the Internet can cause. The first main device that is used is presented at the very beginning of the article. Fear is being instilled in the reader from the very start. The author lists and summarizes a few pieces that are know for brilliant technology uses and over force of the government that weighs on the country’s citizens. These are works that most people know about
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The four rhetorical devices are used to inform, convince, instill fear, and raise awareness to the fact that people can be swayed, that elections can be swayed. The author has woven these devices into the article seamlessly and really makes an effort to show the reader his view. Everything he does creates credibility and by the end of the article the reader is convinced that the Internet truly can be
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