Robert F Kennedy Speech Analysis

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“Robert F. Kennedy was born on November 20th, 1925.” ( He grew up in Massachusetts and soon began to live in New York. During the span of his life there were a lot of segregational and racial comments, along with unconstitutional rights. Robert lived in a crowded family with many siblings. He graduated from law school in Harvard and began working as a lawyer. “He became an attorney general and a New York general.” ( Robert is the reason now why we have secret service on presidential candidates. “Robert was assassinated in the June of 1968.” (

“Robert F. Kennedy presented the speech “On the Death of Martin Luther King” on April fourth 1968.” ( He gave his speech to inform the public about the assassination of Martin Luther King. He wrote the speech to remark on how great a man King was. In writing this speech he must of had to keep in mind the fact of the emotional response that he would receive. There is mixed feelings about Martin Luther King. Majority of people thought of him as an impactful and powerful person who put change to how we go about our daily lives. Robert’s goal in creating the speech was to make an emotional appeal and create something that would be remembered for years to
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“Ladies and Gentlemen,” (line 1, Kennedy) Also the anecdote of “I had a member of my family killed, but he was killed by a white man.” (lines 18-19, Kennedy) Robert F. Kennedy remarked on a story in his life with a short sentence to make a point. Another is “My favorite poet is Aeschylus” (line 22, Kennedy) This is an allusion and epithet to Aeschylus. In the quote by Aeschylus, there is another allusion to the bible, “the awful grace of God.” (line 24, Kennedy) It’s an allusion in an allusion! All in all, Kennedy did a fantastic job giving an emotional speech in honor of the assassination of Martin Luther
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