Robert Frost Individualism

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The great poet, Robert Frost, was born March 26,1874 in San Francisco, California (Robert Frost Biography). At a young age Frost was presented with the traumatic news of his father’s, William Prescott, death due to the cause of tuberculosis (Robert Frost Biography). This incident was just the first of many that might have caused his use of individualism and symbolism throughout his poems. After his father’s tragic death, he moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts with his mother and sister (Robert Frost Biography).
Frost attended Lawrence High School where he graduated as valedictorian. He also met his future wife, Elinor White, as this educational establishment. Elinor was his co-valedictorian when they graduated in 1892 (Robert Frost Biography).
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Due to his first success, he decided to propose to Elinor. Ignoring this expression of love, Elinor, who was currently attending St. Lawrence University, denied his request. Her reasoning for this was that she wanted to finish her primary goal, to finish her schooling. Being the honorable individual that he was Frost respected her decision. After Elinor graduated he then proposed once again, and this time she accepted. They married on December 19, 1895, and conceived their first child, Elliot, in 1896 (Robert Frost…show more content…
After Elliot’s death, they were graciously granted four more children: son Carol (1902), who would later commit suicide in 1940; Irma(1903), who later developed mental illness; Marjorie(1905), who died in her late 20s after giving birth; and Elinor(1907), who died just weeks after being born (Robert Frost Biography). Yet another major stepping stone of how Frost’s symbolic poems contain depth and perception. The bad fortune further continues with multiple rejects from publishers concerning his poems.
Due to career opportunities, Frost, and his wife came to an agreement to sell the farm and move the family to England. Within a few months, Frost found a publisher who would publish his first book of poems, “A Boy’s Will,” followed by “North of Boston” a year later (Robert Frost Biography). Along with his dreams becoming a reality, he met fellow poets Ezra Pound and Edward Thomas (Robert Frost Biography). Pound and Thomas were the first to review his outstanding
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