Robert Frost Poetry Analysis

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CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION Robert Frost’s poetry has been so extensively analysed that it would not be easily possible to think of something altogether novel to say. A humble attempt has been made in the following pages to observe the elements of pastoral in the poetry of Frost from a new point of view. He is largely a poet of much wider sympathies than those of a mere regional poet. Frost’s range of pastoral is not limited only up to the natural aspects but it can be best seen in every aspect. The poetry he has written is of a kind distinctly different from that of his major contemporaries. His work has a simplicity so strong that it is hard to place Frost in the present century, therefore, tempted to assume that he is a belated Victorian writer in a familiar manner. Robert Lee Frost was born on March 261h, 1874, in San Francisco, California. His poetry is written mostly in traditional verse form. During his time, he did not flow the poetic movements & fashionism but continued to write the way he always had. He is best known for poems such as The Road Not Taken, My Butterfly, and many more. His poetry is not directed to one specific age group. Robert Frost as a modern poet In spite of the Pastoral element predominant in Frost’s poems, he is still a modern poet because his poetry has been endowed with the awareness of 2 the problems of man living in the modern world dominated by Science and Technology. However, he was a contemporary and friend to such
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