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Robert Frost was an American poet. He lived from 1874 to 1963 experiencing many different social and historically significant events. Some of these events include WWI, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, and WWII. He also experienced both happy and sad times in his life. All of these life experiences influenced the themes of his poetry. In addition, most of the settings of his poetry are rural because he lived around farms, mountainous areas, and forests. Robert Frost is a very influential and respected poet who changed the way people see poetry. His writing reached towards an audience of different ages, personalities, and cultures.

Robert was born on March 26, 1874, to his father William Prescott Frost Jr. and his mother Isabelle Frost. He was the oldest of two children; Robert and Jeanie. Robert was born in San Francisco, California but his mother later relocated the family after his father’s death due to tuberculosis in 1885. After moving to Lawrence, Massachusetts Frost and his younger sister Jeanie moved in with their grandparents. While living with his grandparents, Robert attended Lawrence High school.
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This time him and his wife settled on a farm in Franconia, New Hampshire. In the next nine years that he was in New Hampshire he wrote many poems. After his failed attempt at poultry farming wasn’t too successful he began teaching English at Pinkerton Academy. Meanwhile two of his earlier poems “The Tuft of Flowers“ and “The Trial by Existence” were published. All the while Robert and Elinor had a total of six children, two of them died in infancy though. In 1917 Frost began teaching at Amherst College in Massachusetts and he taught there for three years. He was actually asked to teach at the University of Michigan and then again at Dartmouth College, but he decided that his connection with Amherst College was too
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