Robert Frost Sound Devices Analysis

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Sound Devices
Sound devices are used by poets to create a better reading experience for the audience through the use of sound.
Sound devices are forms of repitition.
Alliteration, Assonance, Consonance, Onamatopoeia, and Rhyme are all examples of sound devices.
Alliteration is the repitition of consonant letters at the beginning of adjacent or nearby words.
Example 1: In the second stanza the phrase "...wanted wear..." is an example of alliteration.
Example 2: In the third stanza the phrase "...first for..." is also another example of alliteration.
Author Meaning
"...wanted wear..." is an interesting word choice from the author because it 's both personification and alliteration. Since I 'm using it as alliteration though the author is describing the way the path looks. The path is grassy and there is no designated walk way as if people walked there frequently. It 's describing a desire to be worn down.
"...first for..." can be often mislooked for the opposite of its actual meaning. In this case the author is telling us he has regret choosing the path he chose, and tries to rationalize his decision by saying, "I can just come back to it at a later time."
Rhymes are words that agree with other words in sound. There are 2 types of Rhymes.
1. Internal Rhyme: This happens when words rhyme within the lines of a poem.
2. End Rhyme: End Rhyme occurs when words rhyme at the end of poem lines.
Robert Frost made sure to include a
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