Robert Frost Themes

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Themes of Robert Frost Robert Frost is one of the most famous poets of the twentieth century. He is a four time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Like many other poets, Frost uses a number of themes. Robert Frost uses themes that are consistent in many of his poems, including, nature, isolation, rural society, and life. Frost uses the theme of nature in most of his poems. Often Times, a character will learn through nature. Nearly all of his poems involve an interaction between man and nature. The speaker of the poem usually learns through exploring nature. This allows people to gain knowledge about themselves through nature. The speaker will also receive a deeper understanding or an increased insight through nature (“Frost’s Early Poems” 1). An example of learning through nature can be found in one poem where the woodcutter is stacking wood and a vine holds his stack together. This allows the woodcutter to appreciate nature (Ruby 254). Another example can be found in “After Apple-Picking,” when the speaker harvests fruit and is able to find a new understanding of nature (“Frost’s Early Poems” 1). Nature is also used to provide a new insight on things. It usually provides profound realizations in life (“Frost’s Early Poems” 1). This can be new insights into society and the soul (Ruby 59). Frost also believed in achieving amazing feats in understanding through nature. He also believed that nature does not provide answers but requires people to try to reach a new
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