Robert Frost's 'Acquainted With The Night'

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“Acquainted with the Night”
Robert Frost’s poem, “Acquainted with the Night” describes how the narrator is living in depression causing him to isolate himself emotionally and physically from the areas around him. The speaker takes advantage of the nights each day, using those hours of the day to be out alone with no interactions in this community. The reader can infer that there is something different about the speaker compared to most people. Robert Frost wrote the poem in an vital way showing that no one’s life will ever be the perfect life. The speaker has now hit the point of life which will be the hardest for him. The cause of the speaker’s depression could have been affected by how lonely, which is expressed when he “looked down the saddest
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Everyone has enough knowledge about night and is able to realize the effect that night can give someone, who “knows what is is to be / startled in the night, knows what it is to stumble in the dark, and knows what it is to have restless thoughts / about daytime troubles that prevent sleep,” which could cause some long-term struggles throughout life (Frost 20-22). The reader can infer that depression causes antisocial personalities that could cause a the speaker to run into a ton of problems throughout life. The speaker of “Acquainted with the Night” uses nighttime as the time to think about the past while being alone. One reason people may go out at night is to get away from people due to that fact that there is a completely “total isolation and detachment from social groups, a time of disconnection, / lack of communication, and a measure of vulnerability” which explains the reason that the speaker goes for walks at night (Frost 15-17). The repeated steps that the speaker has made, as he “walked out in rain-- and back in rain,” gives evidence that the speaker is depressed having no idea what to do anymore, because he has physically isolated himself away from everyone (Frost 2). The speaker has chosen to walk out in the rain quite
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