Robert Frost's Contribution To Modern Poetry

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Amity Lodevico Professor Osgood – Treston English 44 9 March 2018 Paper 1 Rough Draft Robert Frost was a man who endured so much tragedy in his lifetime, but in spite of the heartbreaking obstacles he had to face, he persevered to write timeless poetry. His, experiences with family tragedy, overcoming adversity, notion of regionalism and his poems "After Apple Picking" and "Mending Wall" demonstrate how he contributed to modern poetry by clearly communicating the complexities of the human condition. To first Frost 's contribution to modern poetry, it is essential to know his background story. According to the biography about him on The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry Volume 1, he moved from place to place and suffered countless deaths in his family (201-203). Frost was always obsessed with the beauty of rural life and even though he denies being nature poet he always seems to demonstrate the relationship of humanity and nature. The death of many of his family members also demonstrates his body of work. His grieving and thoughts about poetry show why his poetry was so melancholy. The poetry he wrote took the subject of death seriously enough to show how it affects people 's emotions and ways of seeing the world. Another key aspect of Frost 's life was how he kept literary traditionalism in his poetry. He stuck with the old and made something new with it which caused a great deal of criticism. That criticism is what lead Robert Frost to overcome

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