Into My Own By Robert Frost Essay

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The poem “Into My Own” was written in 2011 by Robert Frost. It is a piece of literature full of advice to someone who is embarking from their bubble and treading into the ‘real world’. Frost’s concealed message to the reader is this: go out into the uncertain world confident in themselves, their abilities, and their ideals no matter what others may think. In the first stanza, Frost is conveying that he yearns for the readers to think for themselves, to have a reason for believing what their beliefs! Don’t just claim to believe something without having any true reasons - or even worse, believe in something just because everyone else believes it. The beginning of the stanza goes: “…my wishes is that those dark trees” the dark trees represent what people believe, which might be wrong even if it is the popular belief. Next it reads: “… Were not… the merest mask of gloom,” the “mask of gloom” embodies the people that believe something without a true reason. Then the poem adds, “But stretched away unto the edge of doom” if “stretching away” is viewed as being the roots of a belief, Frost is stating that he wants the reader to have…show more content…
First, he says “…Into their vastness I should steal away” The word “vastness” meaning a great expanse of ideas and beliefs, which is the world. When it says “I should steal away”, it means that the readers should go into the world observing all the beliefs and choosing which ones they believe are correct. The next sentence reads: “Fearless of ever finding open land…” “Fearless” speaks for itself – Frost is telling the readers to be fearless! But fearless of what? He wants them to be care-free of whether or not they are right or wrong – which is represented by the “open land”. Frost’s message to the readers is simply: go into the world without any doubts in their
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