Robert Frost's Poems 'Design And Nothing Gold Can Stay'

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Robert Frost (1874-1963), an award-winning poet, once said a poem should “begin in delight and end in wisdom.” Two of Frost’s poems that do this beautifully are “Design” and “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” These poems are alike but yet different. Robert Frost wrote the poem “Design” about his observations about a spider, a moth, and a flowering plant. In “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, Frost uses nature to demonstrate an idea about perfection. The biggest similarity between the two poems is that they both encapsulate the sound of common speech (Frost called it the sound of sense) but with an elevated level of eloquence. Both poems rhyme but have different rhyme schemes. The rhyme scheme of “Design” is ABBAABBAACAACC (A-ite B-oth C-all). AABBCCDD (A-old
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