Robert Fulton: The World's First Steamboat

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Robert Fulton was an American engineer who created the first successful steamboat. His first steamboat was originally called the North River Steamboat, but later it was called the Clermont. This steamboat was able to carry passengers between New York City and Albany. Fulton also designed the world's first steam powered warship. In 1797, Fulton traveled to Paris to do some research on canals. He discovered submarines, and was successful in making them. The only way he could make money off of them was to use them for the navy, but neither the British or French navy would fund him. After his failure with submarines, he decided to start researching steam power. In France, he met Robert Livingston. Robert had a 20 year monopoly over steam travel in New York, and was able to help Fulton build a steamboat. About a year later they launched a steamboat that traveled 2 to 3 miles per hour, and it was the first successful trial for steamboats.…show more content…
He worked for four more years on improving the design for steamboats. Fulton was able to launch his famous Clermont, a steam-powered boat that could travel at the speed of five miles per hour. This discovery of steam-powered transportation across water allowed for more efficient trading and travel. Robert had even designed a steam-powered warship for the navy. Fulton continued designing, and was able to create thirteen more successful steamboats, including the Demologus, a steam powered
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