Robert Goodland: The Concept Of Sustainable Development

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Goodland, Robert. "The concept of environmental sustainability." Annual review of ecology and systematics, vol. 26, pp. 1-24, 1995.
In "The concept of environmental sustainability," Robert Goodland, a co-founder of Chomping Climate Change and the Cary Center for Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York, claims that sustainable development strategy cannot be implemented without noting the development requirements of the three economic, social and environmental aspects (Goodland 4). Goodland proposes that sustainability and development require improving the living conditions of all the world's population without increasing the use of natural resources beyond the planet's resilience. While sustainable development may require different actions
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Goodland argues that growth occurs spontaneously, while development occurs through forces and actions aimed at change (Goodland 5). Robert supports his claim by using a five-year study where the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), the mission to unite countries to pursue sustainable development together, defines the sustainability in a growth context (Goodland 4). Robert goes on to say that the underdeveloped countries need to be developed not only for growth because they need not only an increase in production and an increase in the quantity and efficiency of their productivity but also a radical change in the structure of their old economic and social…show more content…
Goodland highlights that human development in education and nutrition is now accepted as part of economic development based on the World Bank’s report, a global partnership fighting poverty through sustainable solutions (Goodland 2). Also, he points out that the aim of community development is to solve problems and raise the individual's social, economic, cultural and educational level by making full use of human resources (Goosland 1). In Robert’s article, it became clear that it was impossible to separate both types of development; economic and social because both are a condition to achieve the other. Goodland emphasizes his claim by explaining the history of sustainability. The concept of development emerged after World War II, especially in the early 1950s, when economic and social scientists began to divide countries in terms of their economic structure, their development and their standard of living and living in different countries, developing countries and developed countries (Goodland 6). According to Robert’s historical evidence, economic development which tends to develop production and increase national and individual incomes, that is, increase wealth, and social development: which aims at raising the standard of social life in terms of health, education, living standards and services

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