Robert Gordon University Scholarship Essay

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The idea that education is a vital part of life if a value that I have understood since a very young age. As my mother cared for my siblings and I at a young age she did not have the opportunity to attend university and has faced some struggles in her professional life due to this. Because of this, my mother made a commitment to give me the best possible opportunities available; This led to me being very lucky and obtaining a bursary for Robert Gordon’s College, this created a great opportunity for me and was, what I believe to be, the main factor in pushing me towards understanding the importance in hard work and dedication in order to get where you desire in life. Because of my mother sacrifices over the years I have been able to devote the time and energy that was needed in order for me to obtain a…show more content…
Having battled with diagnosed anxiety for three years, rising stress levels can prove to be a challenge upon my mental health. My job is also on hours that take up my whole weekend, so I find myself worrying that I will not find time for many clubs and societies when I join the Robert Gordon University in September. If I was given this scholarship, I would one hundred percent look into a job with less hours in order to focus mainly upon my academic studies. I greatly appreciate the opportunity that ACCESS RGU have given me by allowing me to apply for a scholarship. I wish to let you know that this scholarship would make a great impact on allowing me to focus on my education and continue in school which would be greatly appreciated. If selected for this scholarship, I will be given the opportunity to apply a great amount of diligence to my university studies, hence making my education my top priority. I will gladly represent ACCESS RGU well during my years at university and
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