Robert Gould Shaw's Observation In The Civil War

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An american soldier, Robert Gould Shaw was born on October 10, 1837 in Boston MA. So he was roughly about 24 to 25 years old when he joined the Civil War. Robert was a Union soldier in the war. Unwilling, he was a leader the famous 54th Massachusetts infantry. That was one of the first African American regiments in the Civil War. Shaw was a little hesitant to leave his comrades for his regiments because he had a feeling that there would be no action. Although he was unsure, Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew recruited Shaw to raise and command one of the first regiments of an African American troops in the Union Army. Initially, he was taking the command to please his mother, but soon he grew respect for his men and believed that they could someday fight like white…show more content…
Robert Gould Shaw was born into a family from Boston, that encouraged slavery. His parents were Sarah Blake and Francis George Shaw. Robert had four sisters, and he was the only boy in the family beside dad. Before attending Harvard University, he spent many years studying and traveling Europe. He was unsure what he wanted to do with his life and so he dropped out of Harvard before he could complete any of his studies. When the war came, he didn't know what else to do so he decided to enlist. He joined the 7th New York Infantry and the 2nd Massachusetts. He served that for two year, while attaining the rank of Caption. Which then leads us to the 54th Massachusetts Infantry. Now, about a month before his parade in Boston, he got married to this wonderful lady, Annie Kneeland Haggerty, like I said before. They got married in New York City in 1863. Their time together was really short but they always wrote letters to each other in their hearts. They didn’t have kids because he was always away at war and battles. Him and his wife were only married for a year, before Annie became a widow on July 18, 1863. Robert Gould Shaw died on that
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