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The Last Lecture Conceptualized

After reading chapter V of Mastery by Robert Greene and reviewing the “The Last Lecture” video, I have found many similarities between the points from the lecture and the concepts from the book. “The Last Lecture” video was very inspirational and very emotional for me. The video reflects the hardships and benefits of the Mastery journey. Each concept clearly relates to the journey that many creatives take from apprentice to master.

Original Mind
“We had a powerful desire to turn everything around us into a game, to play with circumstances. Let us call this quality the Original Mind.” (Greene 175) Dr. Randy Pausch gave us a look into his childhood and used that as a vital point in his lecture. He gave us insight into his childhood days, trips, and adventures. In many of his childhood pictures that were displayed, he was shown smiling and happy. “If we think deeply about our childhood, not just about our memories of it but how it actually felt, we realize how differently we experienced the world back then. Our minds
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Pausch demonstrated a strong commitment to landing his dream career. After being rejected several times by Disney for work, he continued to apply. Over the years, he gained experience in various areas eventually leading up to him finally working at his dream employer. “This is The Primary Law of the Creative Dynamic that you must engrave deeply in your mind and never forget: your emotional commitment to what you are doing will be translated directly into your work.” (Greene 180) Dr. Pausch, like most creatives innately understood the importance of the creative dynamic. His commitment and perseverance set him apart. He never gave up and he stayed focused. “This is a corollary of the Law of the Creative Dynamic—the higher the goal, the more energy you will call up from deep within. You will rise to the challenge because you have to, and will discover creative powers in yourself that you never suspected. “(Greene

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