Robert Greenleaf's Leadership And You: Servant Leadership

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Unit One Assignment ? Leadership and You
Michelle Kinyungu
Kaplan University
GM502-01: Leadership Theory and Practice I
Dr. Wolf
March 5, 2016

Unit One Assignment ? Leadership and You
Leadership is defined as the ability to lead a group of people or an institution towards a common goal. Some say leadership quality is by birth. Others say leadership can be taught. However, few qualities that a leader must have are the ability to inspire, compassion, boldness and bravery. A true leader
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He had great trust that servant-leader organizations could bring a transformation in the world.
The servant leadership model is trending in the 21st century. Some qualities a servant leader should possess are:
Stewardship: Holding the commitment to serve the needs of others as the foremost is the Listening: A normal leader would be a good speaker and an influential speech giver. But apart from these qualities, a servant leader possesses a unique quality- listening to others intently, which makes him stand out. Listening to your people is important if you want to grow collectively, working successfully towards a common interest. Leader who doesn?t listen to his people leaves them midway, whereas a servant leader leads along with his group enthusiastically.
Empathy: Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others. A servant leader would be mindful of personalities and different traits of his people. He would understand their short-comings and motivate them to learn and succeed. He would appreciate their capabilities and celebrate with
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a) Leadership is a process, (b) leadership involves influence, (c) leadership occurs in groups, and (d) leadership involves common goals. Leadership is a process whereby an individual influence a group of individuals to achieve a common goal according to (Northouse,2013). Leadership is about inspiring people to a good cause rather than holding positions of formal authority. I will apply my servant leadership practice by striving to incorporate the open-door policy to communicate effectively with my team. Have awareness to the daily operations and follow up with my staff. In addition, a servant is helpful, brave and have a passion for the work and the people. My hope is to become an effective servant leader thru study and real- world application.
Servant leadership is finding many followers. Top 100 companies to work for have incorporated servant leadership into their culture. Servant leadership offers great hope for the future in creating better, more caring, institutions. There is change in dimension of the servant leadership as top leaders of organizations incorporated this leadership style. Servant leaders in the organization are setting an example with the activities reflecting corporate social responsibility, while keeping the interest of stakeholders as a
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